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The Khaos Junkies: Bio

Current Band Members

David DiPilato, a.k.a. Dubble D - Songwriter, rhythm guitar, lead vocals

David DiPilato, a.k.a. Dubble D.............. Dubble D formed and founded the band Dubble D & The Khaos Junkies in 2009 after spending over 3 decades jamming just for fun in basements, attics, & garages of local musicians, who loved playing songs written by some of the worlds greatest rock bands. During those years Dubble D fell in love with playing rhythm guitar and wrote the lyrics and music to over 150 songs of his own, however, the time to record, produce and release his material was never made available until now.

The Khaos Junkies really began to take shape in 2009 even though Dubble D had jammed with original band members Stephen Shaughnessy, Rich Dacier and Dave Kendrick for several years. The band has undergone several changes over the years, some by choice and some not by choice, but is now stronger than ever from a pure talent perspective.

Dubble D attributes his influences in rock music mainly to Mick & Keith of The Rolling Stones, who are his favorite rock band of all time. Other influences include great bands and artists such as The Foofighters, Aerosmith, The Who, Tom Petty, The Black Crowes, Collective Soul, The Eagles, Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix and a slew of others. Dubble D's music spills across several genres, however, his main focus is rock with true meaning. The original Khaos Junkies quickly developed their own style of rock during both their practice & studio sessions for What's On The The Way, their first CD, which hopefully avid rock fans all across the globe find appealing and are enjoying today.

Dave Kendrick had to leave the band for personal reasons after the Khaos Junkies released their first CD. Enter Rick Swenson on bass for version 2.0 of the band. Rich Dacier left a year later to pursue other musical interests. Enter Dave Cuneo on lead for version 3.0. The band was crushed when Dave passed away unexpectedly in early 2013 and shortly thereafter Steve Shaugnessy and Rick Swenson left the band to reunite with Rich Dacier and formed the band Rock Steady. Dubble D had been jamming with drummer Steve Angelone for a few years during some side sessions with various local musicians. They got really tight and finally got together with Chris Stackhouse on lead guitar and Conroad Mylnarski on bass for version 4.0 of the band. Simply stated, Dubble D defines the term "change" as that, which doesn't stay the same!!

Dubble D and Version 4.0 of the Khaos Junkies rocked on for almost 2 years until the end of 2015 when both Conrad and Chris had to bow out; Conrad went on to pursue other musical interests with a Pink Floyd tribute band and Chris had to back off for personal reasons, though something told Steve and Dubble D that he would return some day. Enter Chris Wood on bass and John O'Connell on lead guitar for version 5.0 of the band! John was replaced later in 2016 by Chris Stackhouse, who rejoined the band for version 6.0 last summer. And now as you all know, due to the very sad and sudden, unexpected passing of Chris Wood, the band has just added Jim O'Day on bass guitar for version 7.0 of the band.

The band will rock on in both Dave Cuneo's and Chris Wood's honor and we are looking forward to doing numerous live shows throughout the remainder of 2017. We are also committed to complete the work started by Dubble D on our second Khaos Junkies CD, which he worked on briefly with Dave Cuneo and over this past winter with Chris Wood. Hopefully we can get back at it later this year. We owe it to Woody!

Steve Angelone - Drums, vocals

Steve Angelone was born in Providence, Rhode Island on December 31, 1958. Like many baby boomers, Steve's first musical influences included Ringo Starr and Charlie Watts as the British invasion made it's impact on the USA.

Steve got his first drum set when he was 10. Drummers with jazz and funk styles, specifical Daniel Seraphine of Chicago and Steve Ferrone of Average White Band soon became Steve's main drumming influences. Steve enjoys playing a wide spectrum of music from classic rock to alternative to modern rock.

In addition to drums, Steve also plays both electric and acoustic guitar and does acoustic gigs with Khaos Junkie founding member, David DiPilato, a.k.a....Dubble D.

Chris Stackhouse - Lead Guitar, vocals

Chris Stackhouse grew up in Ashland, Massachusetts, which is where he learned to play guitar listening to Ten Years After, Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk, Santana and the Rolling Stones as a youngster. Chris started playing in bands in High School. His first band was Havoc II. During the 1980's he went to Hollywood Ca. recorded demos with The Four Martians. His band repertoire includes The Spider Babies, Blast of Silence, Master Peace, and the infamous blues band “Thirstin Howl”. He is now back playing lead guitar for the Khaos Junkies and loving every minute of it!!

Jim O'Day - Bass Guitar

Jim O'Day has just joined the band and will be playing Bass guitar. Jim is a multi-talented musician, who also plays Rhythm guitar, Lead guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar, drums and keyboards to name a few. Jim played in several local area bands including Havoc (with Khaos Junkie lead guitarist Chris Stackhouse). Jim co-founded the band City Rage. He also sat in several times with the Bobby Watson band.

Jim is also very proficient with sound as he has run sound for several other local bands over the years. Jim enjoys composing, engineering and recording his own original music as well where he plays all instruments and sings all vocals. jim created a website with several sample songs using Yahoo as the search engine at

Jim has been playing music since he was 5 years old and is self taught on all instruments. He has been a life long friend of Khaos Junkie lead guitarist, Chris Stackhouse. We welcome Jim into the band and look forward to many sessions of rocking out with him!

Prior Band Members

Rich Dacier - Lead guitar

Rich Dacier Rich has been playing guitar in various cover bands in Boston and surrounding areas since the early 90’s. He grew up listening to Aerosmith, the Rollng Stones and The Who whose guitarist’s had a huge influence on Rich. Other guitar influences include Stevie Ray Vaughn, Joe Perry, Eric Clapton, U2’s The Edge and John Mayer. Rich is an amazingly versatile guitarist who brings a complimentary style, sweet tones and explosive leads to the dynamic rhythms of Dubble D & The Khaos Junkies.

Dave Kendrick - Bass guitar

Dave Kendrick Dave got tuned on to rock ‘n roll when he first heard Elvis sing “Hound Dog on the radio in 1955. Dave’s first concert was the Beach Boys at Worcester Auditorium in 1964. The following year he saw the Stones there. Dave formed his first band,” Men of Leather”, with friends that year. Dave later played with “Me, Him and The Other Guys” in 1967 for a short while and then took some time off to tend to school and family. He became a member of “High Rise” in 1991, which played the Central Mass area for the next 14 year before they split up. He’s also played bass in a 3-piece band called “Nadaze” since 1999. He joined “The Derelicts-A Midlife Crisis” in 2006 as lead guitarist. He joined “First Shift” in 2006, which he later left in 2009 after joining forces with Dubble D & The Khaos Junkies. So to say that Dave is a busy man in the local music scene is an understatement!

Dave decided to leave the band in February 2011 to pursue other interests and spend more time with his family. We thank Dave for his contributions to our music and wish him all the best.

Dave Cuneo - Lead Guitar

Dave Cuneo joined Dubble D & The Khaos Junkies on January 1st, 2012 and immediately hit it off with Dubble D due primarily to their mutual love for the music of the Rolling Stones. Dave is an accomplished lead guitarist, formally with the band The Ballbusters, a band who toured all over the United States and Europe for years.

Dave has his own guitar style of which all of the members of the Khaos Junkies adore; one that has been strongly influenced by the likes of Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix and many other classic rockers. Dave brings a great gritty, edgy sound to the band along with a cool stage presence that compliments the music and the energy of the Khaos Junkies. Dave always delivers an infectious grove to every song, guaranteed to satisfy all kinds of music enthusiasts.

The band is honored to be blessed with such a talent as Dave Cuneo on lead guitar.


Stephen Shaughnessy - Drums, backup vocals

Stephen Shaughnessy Stephen first quenched his thirst to jam by beating upside down waste baskets and a lone bongo drum with marching band drum sticks lifted from his junior high’s band. Stephen is extremely grateful to his mother for all of her support and encouragement through the early years of his musical career. By his senior year in high school, he had joined “The Cases” – a 4 piece classic-new wave-punk band that toured Walpole’s keg party scene in the summers of ’80 & ’81. By the late 80’s to mid 90’s, he was drummer & vocalist for another quartet known as “The Irish Beat” bringing a blend of rock, country and traditional Irish music to the Boston club scene. Heavily influenced by the classic steady beat sound of Rolling Stone Charlie Watts and the more over the top creativity of The Who’s Keith Moon and the multi-rhythmic world beats of The Police’s Stewart Copeland, Stephen enjoys varied musical styles and was attracted to the variety of material and influences present in the formation and development of Dubble D & The Khaos Junkies’ first CD project.

Chris Wood...a.k.a...Woody - Bass guitar, backup vocals

Chris Wood (Woody) has been fortunate to play bass, keys, guitar (and even trombone from time to time) with many incredibly talented musicians in Central Massachusetts and elsewhere over the past 30+ years. Woody has learned something from all of them. From his start with Destiny at Westboro High School in the 80’s, to gigs with WoodenHatch, Murray’s Rule, Nearly Done, and more recently Voodoo Sky and Josh Briggs, it’s been a great ride and he’s now excited to be rocking out with the Khaos Junkies!

Some of Woody's major music influences are the Beatles,Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, ELO and other iconic bands from the days when he still had bangs. Similar to Sir Paul, Woody is a perfectionist in terms of playing his instrument; in this case with the Junkies, he brings new found energy to the bottom end with his bass guitar. Rumor has it that Woody might even dance a little if you ask him nicely, but you’ll need to show up at the gigs to see for yourself........just don’t expect to see the trombone anytime soon in this rock band!

Rick Swenson - Bass Guitar, backup vocals

Rick Swenson, the youngest as well as the newest member of Dubble D & The Khaos Junkies, has been playing bass guitar only for a short time. Rick replaced former Khaos Junkie bass player, Dave Kendrick in February, 2011. At age 5, Rick was diagnosed with a severe hearing loss and found comfort and solace through musical vibration. He began banging on drums and keyboards at his young age finding sensory satisfaction as well as artistic expression through music. Rick’s Native American ancestry always demonstrated to him the significance of music, the drum being representative of the heartbeat of Mother Earth, and the powerful energy that occurs when people come together in song and dance. Growing up, he was extremely active on the Pow Wow circuit playing drums and performing Native chanting and songs in both New England and Canada. Rick and his Native drum group have put out two CDs which continue to be utilized at Native ceremonies, Pow Wows and for teaching purposes in school systems and historical societies throughout New England. Along with many surgeries, strong faith, and some say the healing influence of the Native drum, Rick has regained most of his hearing. He continues to explore other instruments, most recently the bass guitar for its deep, vibrational appeal, as well as various music styles and melodies as he continues on his musical journey. The gift of sound has helped drive his love for music with influences from The Rolling Stones, Green Day, Rush, The Beatles, Guns & Roses and AC/DC to name a few. With him, Rick brings to the Khaos Junkies a heart-felt thump through his bass guitar playing, compelling gratitude and a spiritual passion for music as a whole, not to mention some great vocal pipes!

John O'Connell - Lead Guitar, vocals

John O'Connell spent his formative years in Westfield, MA where an intro to Led Zeppelin inspired him quickly to pick up a guitar with his axe of choice being a 16th b-day present, a 1976 Les Paul, which he still plays today. His musical influences expanded greatly once he arrived at UMass/Amherst and gained exposure to a multitude of musical styles, genres and musicians.

Early influences were the usual suspects - Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, Angus Young and SRV - as well as Scotty Moore, Jeff Beck, Steve Howe, and a cavalcade of Texas guitar slingers. Over the years, John has a developed a style more steeped in feel rather than form that has been described as tightly loose. Since joining the Junkies, we've appreciated the energy and emotion he brings to the music, we're quite confident Junkie fans will enjoy it as well.

Conrad Mlynarski - Bass Guitar

Conrad holds down the bottom in the KHAOS JUNKIES rhythm section. He hails from central Massachusetts where he played in his first band at age 15, after years of lessons from top musicians in the area. Conrad has played electric and upright bass in local bands whose styles include blues, rock, folk, jazz, zydeco, and funk.

Conrad’s unique blend of blues and rock make him an exciting and passionate bass player for the Khaos Junkies.